Month: September 2004

BW profiles Ghosn

Business Week’s Brian Bremner, who wrote the book on Hello Kitty, has a decent profile of Carlos Ghosn, who is struggling with the pressures of the comeback of Nissan. It is a compelling story to read about Ghosn and the

geisha photos

…related to a previous rant… BBC NEWS | Photo journal: Geisha

The Voice over IP Insurrection

I’m late to the party on this one, but it is really so good that it is worth your attention. Om Malik invites tech analyst Daniel Berninger to expound on the future of voice-over IP and the resulting essay is

Tsukiji: The Fish Market at the Center of the World

Metropolis has an excerpt from Harvard University anthropologist Ted Bestor, who has a new book out on Tsukiji. Each night a huge volume of seafood (roughly 2,300 metric tons) arrives at Tsukiji, coming in tens of thousands of individual consignments

Fazal Majid’s gadget bag

Oooooo…. Lots of cool stuff in Fazal’s gadget bag! Go take a look 🙂 What’s in my gadget bag?