tables – no!; CSS – yes!

Douglas Bowman’s article on redesigning,
Stopdesign | Throwing Tables Out the Window,
is now translated into Japanese:
MinuteDesign | Translations | Ñ…‹Ñ…∫Ñ…ÒÑ…¥Ñ≈ÿ¡ôÏÑ≈„Ñ«‚ ‰ÔÑ≈Ì ÁÆÑ≈∂Ñ«Á
It looks like Microsoft is listening too:
Stopdesign | Microsoft Advances
Microsoft listening to it’s users? Fancy that.

One comment on “tables – no!; CSS – yes!
  1. gman says:

    I dare you to try to get my front page working exactly as is using CSS only.
    If you can do it I’ll buy you dinner.
    Must be cross browser