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Batelle interviews Filo and Yang of Yahoo! and Filo comes up with a quote that is both poignant and important.

David Filo: “That was the promise of the internet from day one -when Mosaic came out the whole idea was that anybody could publish now, that was the new thing …yet it took this long to get to simple blogging… If you said ten years ago that you could have blogging in ten years, and that will be the extent of it, people wouldn’t have been that impressed.”

There is that old saw where we overestimate the short-term impact of technologies but underestimage the long-term. This idea of personal publishing always brings me to this.
Professional media will change if more people will use the Internet to access personally published information (vs. professional content.) but that change will take years and years.
John Battelle’s Searchblog: Filo Makes a Point

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  1. umair says:

    Who was it that came up with that (we overestimate technology in the short term…). For some reason Asimov springs to mind but I’m not sure why!