Month: August 2004

tables – no!; CSS – yes!

Douglas Bowman’s article on redesigning, Stopdesign | Throwing Tables Out the Window, is now translated into Japanese: MinuteDesign | Translations | Ñ…‹Ñ…∫Ñ…ÒÑ…¥Ñ≈ÿ¡ôÏÑ≈„Ñ«‚ ‰ÔÑ≈Ì ÁÆÑ≈∂Ñ«Á It looks like Microsoft is listening too: Stopdesign | Microsoft Advances Microsoft listening to it’s users? Fancy

Sony DSC-F88

The F88 is “Recommended.” Here’s my advice. I don’t buy anything that is not “Highly Recommended” by DPReview. They’re consistently the best reviewers on the ‘net. This is the first review of a Sony camera since the F828 in January

Giuliani and Sage invest in Digital Garage

Giuliani Partners and Sage Capital Growth have jointly invested Y3.5B in Digital Garage Japan. Giuliani Partners, a leading consulting and strategic investment company headed by former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, and Sage Capital Growth, an investment management company

Takefuji is expensive!

Wow, look at all the sharks in the water over this loan-sharking deal. Takefuji is sitting pretty. If Japanese banks would just lend to individuals, this market would disappear. Fat chance that will happen. Newbridge may edge out Ripplewood in

virtual communities in turmoil

Julius Schorzman reports on civil unrest in the massively-multiplayer online role-playing game Star Wars Galaxies. A few players found an exploit that allowed them to forge game currency (called ‘credits’). After making a lot of cash, the players started distributing