DJ Ed White

Holy moly- let me tell you about a PHENOMENAL house DJ in Chicago, Ed White. Ed honed his chops at the Univ. of Illinois and has a mastery of house that I really appreciate.
DJ Ed White | Chicago
He has a number of mixes online in various genres of house including funky house, jazzy house, tech-house, Chicago house, disco, etc.
DJ Ed White – Mix CD’s
Ed’s smart because the mixes on his website are 160 kbps mp3s. While they sound great, I’m itching to order his CDs because I know I will get the full quality.
I’m really grooving to his Schmoove mix as well as the “5.27.2003” mix.

2 comments on “DJ Ed White
  1. DJ Ed White says:

    I don’t recall you ever ordering a set of CDs. I’d gladly send you a free set, though. Drop me an email message with your address information and I’ll get a set out to you ASAP. Thanks much!

  2. Rose says:

    Hey DJ Ed White,
    can i be a groupie??