Month: August 2004

Cancel your Friendster account

I just cancelled my Friendster account. I cancelled it because Friendster fired Joyce Park, who not only is a well-regarded PHP programmer and author of books on PHP, but has written extensively about blogging and business. So I was terminated

DJ Ed White

Holy moly- let me tell you about a PHENOMENAL house DJ in Chicago, Ed White. Ed honed his chops at the Univ. of Illinois and has a mastery of house that I really appreciate. DJ Ed White | Chicago He

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-V3

Huh. This looks to be a really nice camera. It looks like a hybrid between the V1, the S85 and the F828. It has the lens of the V1, the handgrip and shutter release and mode selector of the F828,

Japanese can’t learn English

No matter what Japan does, they cannot seem to mangage to learn English. It is a deep and wide problem stemming from (I believe) anything and everything including history (never having been colonized) as well as wealth (managing to become

Softbank undercuts NTT

Remember when Softbank went in with some other big lenders to buy Japan Telecom from Vodafone? Well Son-san is still focusing his laser-like attention on the fat to be cut from the NTT fees that just about everyone in Japan