5 comments on “WSJ: Sony’s iPod Killer
  1. Looks like Apple liked the article too… they just linked to it on their “HotNews” page (which is becoming oddly enough more and more like a … a… blog!!)

  2. I can attest to the crappiness of the SonicStage software. It came loaded on my Vaio U3 along with other pretty much useless software, and was deleted quickly.
    My two current pet peeves with Sony are:
    A. ATRAC3
    B. Memory Stick (a port for which also came loaded on the U3. They should have ditched this ages ago in all its wicked forms – Duo, Magic Gate, Duo Magic Gate, hyperyhappyfunjoy, etc.)

  3. taro says:

    SonicStage arrrrrrg!
    For 10-20 years I worshipped Sony and then they started to pretend to make software. Arrrrg. Why, why, why do they continue to break my heart and then piss on it with software like SonicStage?!

  4. Joe Cheng says:

    “This means that, when you transfer your MP3 files to the new Walkman, Sony’s PC software must laboriously convert them first into ATRAC3 files. Sony claims it designed the player this way because ATRAC3 produces superior sound”
    Man, what a load. They expect us to believe an MP3 sounds better after it is converted into ATRAC3!?

  5. Fresh! says:

    As usual, thanks for the informative posts. As far as I am concerned…Apple is the Goliath of mp3 players…and there IS NO David….