Month: July 2004

Still funny after all these years

They still have that magic touch 🙂 The Onion | Where The Fuck Is Diane With My Fair-Trade Coffee?

Mossberg and Jobs, part 2

Nothing earth-shattering but nonetheless important reading. Mossberg: I was reading a trade publication that had an annual ranking of consumer electronics retailers, and I was amazed to see that you’re like number 23 in terms of consumer electronics salesǃÓbigger than

WSJ: Sony’s iPod Killer

Brutal honesty. The Mossberg Solution — Sony’s iPod Killer []

New Yorker profile of Obama

As usual, a good profile of Barack Obama. I had not heard of him until the DNC convention. The New Yorker: THE CANDIDATE How the son of a Kenyan economist became an Illinois Everyman.

Apple STILL fails

Frankly, this is unbelievably poor. Whether it is due to Chinese manufacturing or poor planning, as a customer, this is not acceptable at all. Think Secret – Customers report 4G iPod blemishes