Month: June 2004

Friendster goes PHP

If this is not a black eye for JSP/Tomcat, I don’t know what is. Friendster goes PHP

Kottke on Karelia’s sale to Sun

Here in Japan the killer ecommerce site is but it doesn’t cover all of the categories that Watson does/did. That said, I have to imagine that this functionality is better in a browser than in a client. My problem

RTE interviews POTUS

We need more interviews like this. Q Mr. President, you are a man who has a great faith in God. I’ve heard you say many times that you strive to serve somebody greater than yourself. THE PRESIDENT: Right. Q Do

do NOT overstay your Japan visa

Arudou Debito covers important ground concerning the new strict laws concerning foreign visas and those who overstay their visa. Valuable information for any non-Japanese in Japan. Visa villains: Immigration law overdoes enforcement, penalties []

Disable auto-run on Windows

Philip Torrone of has a great tutorial and a good reason why to turn off auto-run on your Windows machine. I’m almost positive I’ve done this already, but I plan to re-check my Windows registry soon. “Copy Protection” on