nouveau riche

Wear a NISMO t-shirt when you pick up your million-dollar Mercedes? Classy!

Wearing a white car-racing T-shirt, black plastic cargo pants and silver Nike running shoes, James Wang, a 27-year-old developer of golf courses and luxury homes, stepped forward on Wednesday as one of China’s first two buyers of the Maybach 62, a 20-foot ultraluxury sedan marketed as “the private jet of the road.”

Behind the stage minutes before the ceremony, Karin Hoo, a Maybach “personal liaison manager” from Hong Kong, fussed over Mr. Wang, whose shirt was decorated with three Nissan race cars and a prominent Nissan racing logo.
Ms. Hoo said with a sigh that she wished she had brought a T-shirt with a Maybach logo for him to wear.

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After reading the article, I don’t think this guy is nouveau riche at all. I think he is doing a good job at increasing the already large sum of cash his parents already have. He says he drove silver Mercedes while he was here in San Francisco going to college.

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