ebay expands web services

Nice! I look forward to what will be done with these new hooks into ebay’s and PayPal’s APIs.
I forget who it was who said that retail ecommerce is still nascent, but moves like this tend to push me to agree.

When an item is sold via an affiliate’s link to eBay, the auction company pays the partner a commission based on the size of the sale.
Using the API, affiliates will be able to access the most current information on eBay’s site, including real-time pricing, specific product details and bidding times for all listings, the company said.

The [PayPal] SDK includes applications to help developers integrate PayPal’s tools, such as its Web-based payment and payment data transfer systems, into their own sites. The package also offers access to seven of PayPal’s Web site site controls including its Buy Now, Add to Cart, View Cart, Checkout, Upload Aggregate Cart, Upload Complete Cart and Subscription services.

eBay sold on Web services [News.com]
via Anil