Umair on MSFT

Umair of bubblegeneration (which Matt introduced me to) has a great post on Microsoft.

Also note that interconnectivity is now table stakes – not added value. I can already transfer my MP3s etc between almost any device I own. MS is, contrary to it’s own belief, not creating value for consumers by ‘allowing’ them interconnectivity.
I’ve read so much scaremongering about MS in the last few days, I’d like to formulate 3 principles of thinking about MS:
1) MS is strategically (much) less intelligent than you think.
2) MS is strategically (much) less capable than you think.
3) Revise expectations 1 and 2 downwards again.
And, of course, the zeroth law is:
0) MS will tactically stoop (much) lower than you think (because of 1,2, and 3).

There are parallels to other companies that I would note if I could, but I won’t.
Also, as always, we ought to note that everyone underestimates Redmond at their own risk. Yet these days, it does seem like Microsoft is challenged by itself, by it’s own legacy business and customers…
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