The Economist on ecommerce

The Economist has a set of articles on ecommerce starting with a fairly simple piece, “A perfect market,” which basically reminds us that we overestimated the effect of ecommerce in the short term (hence the Internet bubble) and are underestimating it in the long term (Dept. of Commerce ecommerce stats do not include online travel, online finacial services, online pornography, online ticket-sales, online dating, onling gambling, etc.)
A second one, “Unlimited opportunities?” is also rather basic in scope, focusing on the major players in the industry and how some of them started from bedrooms and garages. I was hoping for something with a bit more insight from this most venerable of publications….
They also have a few other interesting tidbits including a background briefing on Sony, a very recently-updated country briefing on Japan, and a city guide to Tokyo (skip the restaurant recommendations- ugh! Go straight to!) Who knew?

1 Comment on “The Economist on ecommerce

  1. “…it remains to be seen whether Mr Idei can turn the company around.”
    All I can do now is laugh.