Telecom in Japan

This is a nice quick summary of the two big telecom deals that are closing soon here in Tokyo.
Ripplewood is selling Japan Telecom to Softbank as Son-san wants to expand from just consumer broadband to also business-broadband, and Japan Telecom has a good-sized existing customer base. My question for this deal is this: don’t most businesses already have broadband Internet in Japan? Or is Softbank targeting small businesses that may not have broadband yet?
The Carlyle DDI Pocket thing- I’m not as clear on that one… any opinions are welcome. Is it merely a technology transfer to emerging mobile markets?

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  1. gen says:

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  2. jef says:

    They are planning to run mobile businesses by their own network through TD-SCDMA technology – via Japan Telecom’s Fiber Optics’ one. It is the biggest reason why they are putting their asses at risk.
    Also, all they doing for now is nothing but just reselling NTT’s network through their own sales network. In other words, they earn little changes, and the most part of the pie goes to NTT.
    I guess those are the main reasons they’ve been bought JT.

    Sorry for my poor english.

  3. jef says:

    And, I really don’t understand why Carlyle buys KDDI Pocket now. As everybody knows, PHS is now going downhill quite fast in Japan – unlikely in China – and less than 1m people keep using it. Even the most of them are using the network only to get connected to the net cheaper. Did they think it would make a lot of profit when they sell the stakes out to someone else someday in future? I don’t know..