Month: May 2004

Sony stumbles in the digital age

No comment. IHT: Sony stumbles in the digital age [] via M@Blog

Venturpreneur on Google

Gordon Smith takes us through the most recent changes to Google’s SEC registration statement. I too find the document somewhat confusing. Why does the Class A Senior Stock have 10X the voting rights of the Common Stock? The information on

printers: Dell vs. HP

Great article on the computer printer industry. My money is on the Dell strategy model. Innovation counts for much less these days… Today, Dell is an upstart in computer printing compared with Hewlett-Packard. Dell sold an estimated 1.5 million printers

Asian Rock Fest 2004

“Asian” rock festival in NYC? Umm… ok, cool, but why? Asian Rock Fest

US Marine Jimmy Massey

12-year US Marine veteran Jimmey Massey explains how the recent Iraq war changed his outlook on the US military and why he left the Marines. Sadly, I think we will see more stories like this as the year unfolds. Bush