Month: May 2004

imagery of Asian men in America

Interesting article on the media imagery surrounding Asian-American men. Includes links to Hunky Korean American actor Will Yun Lee, 28, turns down martial arts roles because he feels they perpetuate a passionless warrior image. He would rather be a

crash test: Mini vs. F150

My god… if you drive an F150, you ought to reconsider it immediately. This is so incredibly horrible. Crash Testing: MINI Cooper vs Ford F150

email AND rss/atom

Alex Barnett has a phenomenal chart tracking some of the benefits of RSS over email, but the key takeaways for me are that the future will support many more protocols for news/ information and that we need to provide real

Japan and diamond engagement rings

Fascinating 25-year old article in The Atlantic on the modern history of De Beers and the diamond engagement ring. The bit about Japan’s postwar manufactured love affair with diamond rings reminds me of the mania surrounding luxury brands today. Until

Softbank, Ripplewood, Japan Telecom

Hmm… I wonder if buying Japan Tel. really gives Softbank the benefit of that existing customer base? Ripplewood gets their exit event… and looks very astute in the process. Softbank in Talks With Ripplewood on Japan Telecom