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Interesting article on the media imagery surrounding Asian-American men. Includes links to

Hunky Korean American actor Will Yun Lee, 28, turns down martial arts roles because he feels they perpetuate a passionless warrior image. He would rather be a leading man.
“When I first started out five, six years ago, a lot of auditions for Asians had to do with technical computer guys. And at some point it started switching to the villain or the Mafia guy,” Lee said.
Another actor who gave Asian-American men something to cheer about was Bruce Lee, but ultimately he did little to advance their romantic value, many say. Even today, Asian- American men complain that action heroes such as Chow Yun Fat and Jackie Chan rarely get the girl.

Yep. I’m complaining.
Alameda Times-Star – Asian men ready to give passionless image the kiss-off

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  1. Whenever that canned Chinese background music starts in TV dramas and movies, my wife says, “Here comes the evil Asians.”

  2. I think it’s about time more people addressed this issue. But I myself have been sorely insulted when on a messageboard and I addressed this issue. Most of the asian men, even when I agreed with them had this attitude of If you aren’t asian you don’t know jack about oppression and media representation. I’m black trust me I know. So I think the asian community should be a little more open about receiving help and support. Instead of just telling everyone who isn’t asian to screw off so that they can continue being angry and complaining amongst themselves and patting each other on the back for being angry. Go to and you’ll see what I’m talking about. It’s one big angry yellow sausage party and nobody get’s anywhere on that site. They spend half the time ragging on asian females who date outside the race, calling the CCB’s (Cracker Chasing Bitches) but the men themselves then spend the rest of the time in the forum wondering how to find white women, and where the most white women hang out and what areas do white women date asian guys the most. The guys say they are trying to date white women because of all the asian females dating white boys and if the world sees these asian men with white women it will make the asian men look more human, they say it will humanize them and equalize the disparity of asian women dating white men. But then they say the asian women are wrong for looking to white men for the reasons they do but yet they give equally wrong reasons for wanting to date white women. So I think the asian male has a good point in wanting to be represented better by the media but with sites like the fighting 44’s it just brings everything down to a foul mouthed whiner party level. Good luck with the fight brother.

  3. Private Citizen—I’m with you man. I am asian myself and from what I’ve observed, Asian men whine too much. True there is some serious racial stereotyping going on in the media but other groups have this problem too–Arabs, Blacks, Latinos etc., etc. Do something constructive if you are so pissed off instead of forming mini self-help groups around the internet. -Peace.

  4. white guy here who likes asian girls.. you guys need to get a life. since so many white guys are dating asians there should be plenty of overweight white women for you.enjoy the suffering!

  5. I have yet to see the film “The Lovers”. It’s about a relationship between an Asian man and a young white girl. It sounds very romantic. However, they have trouble getting together because of the lack of acceptance of interracial relationships. It takes place in Vietnam I believe. My boyfriend, whose family is from Taiwan, recommended the film to me. He’s never seen it either, but it sounds like one of a kind.

  6. in reply to T about the overweight white women….i have been married to my husband who is chinese for 7 years and i am a white woman. we are happy and he loves me, as he tells me asian women are gold diggers. when i met him he had nothing, and the asian women didn’t want anything to do with him even though he is one of the best looking men I have ever met (and i am not being biased), i helped him start his own business and help him daily with his paper work and run errands for him. now i am disgusted because he is quite well off now and there are alot of asian women who wanted nothing to do with him before suddenly tripping over him when they see him. Another thing, I dont know if you realize but most of the asian women who date white guys are butt ugly in the asian point of view, I guess that is why they are with fat white guys…lol. As for myself I have dated a few white men and they are all assholes with a complex. my husband on the other hand is sweet, loving, gentle and secure with himself. oh and another thing about the fat white women, i have never seen an asian guy with an ugly white girl. as for myself i have two beautiful girls for him and still wear a size 3/4 at 5’6″, on the other hand maybe you are just a pervert who needs a woman who is 4’11” and still in preteen clothes to make yourself feel like the big superior sex god you wish you were.

  7. to h: thanks for the rebuttal. Cant stand arrogance ( from any race for that matter ) Too bad there arent more of you out there, who knows what a good man is all about. Asian brothers, just go out there and just do it. But you do have to be savvy, be fit, be smart, be ready to kick ass and take a hit every now and then. Just like the black brothers, they dont just talk the talk..

  8. Western culture sees asian males as weak, submissive, and don’t speak up (except certain celebrities). Now, if one thinks that is true, that means asian women are really weak and submissive… lol. This is exactly the reason why white males can’t get a enough of asian women… lmao

  9. Asian men are the most gentle, compassionate, and most of all hot guys I have ever layed my eyes on. I am a blonde Southern chic who is dating/soon to be married to and Asian guy. Like in all culture there are the good, the bad, and the ugly so don’t let racism and arrogant ass-holes make you feel down. Just be you and the glory will come.

  10. dont say non-sense, dont waste time on quarrelling, dont just blame, do something to improve urself, to build confidence, do something to respect others, good and ugly, white or black..we are human, not animals..
    I am a chinese in australia and I got many nice white friends. I just been here for 2 years, and one thing is, be confidence, be smart, be nice, and thats all u needed to make new friends..
    good luck all my matter where u come from..I hope all useless, non sense perception could be ended…

  11. but you have to have hate in order to have love, there is no such thing as love without hate.

  12. T, if you made a comment like that about overweight white women in front of me and my girl i would gladly plant my asian fist of fury on your silly punk-ass face.

  13. In response to “A private citizen”…
    I am a member at the site, . And yes, you would be right that this post is going to be a reaction to the predominantly negative portrayal of the Fighting 44s.
    So let’s get my rebuttal in motion, shall we?
    …Yes, actually, you are right. At the first glance The Fighting 44s do come off as one big “angry yellow sausage party”. Even my fellow 44s have agreed we come off that way. Yes, there are topics that can more or less be compressed into statements such as “We need to get with white women to even out the AF/WM IR Disparity!”, “Where’s the highest concentration of AM/WF?” etc. etc. I’d like to point out to everyone that those particular topics DO exist on the fighting 44s website.
    But, there are also other topics that cover the wide spectrum of injustice. Please, I urge anyone curious enough to visit our website to explore ALL the forums and ALL the threads we have to offer. We have superb topics that explore IN DEPTH the problems that Asian-Americans face in the media, in the public and even in the home. We are not the belligerent, blind-with-rage group of people you mistakely displayed us as. Of course most of us get riled up and then start to rant, rave and bitch about the things that are so very, very wrong in this world. You cannot begrudge us that. Eventually, metaphorically speaking, the steam builds up and you’ll find you will have to vent -somewhere-. It happens, and if you’re familiar with the fluctuations that happen on EVERY message boards, this is normal. Message boards can go through all kinds of phases in accordance to how their posters are feeling. I can say that you’ve probably caught us at a bad time. We, too, are fed up with not only “sellout AFs” and “asiaphiles”, but we are ALSO fed up with “potential AF sellout”-bashing, “asiaphile”-bashing. Just bashing in generally. We know full and well that doing that is useless, and while we fall into those ruts sometimes, we get right back up and refocus ourselves to a laser point. I’d like to point out that we have a forum on our board called “Declarations of Intent”. That in itself can give all readers of our website the TRUE goal and focus of The Fighting 44s website and message board.
    Please, I want to remind everyone: Just because your asian significant other says something negative about the opposite gender of their race, does not deem it to be universally true. We are not getting anywhere if asian boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, and husbands are bashing each other to their partners, which in turn the partner spreads to other people.
    The emasculation of asian men in the media.
    The objectification and exotification of asian women in the media.
    Ignorance of the Public.
    IR Disparity.
    Intra-asian fighting.
    THOSE are our enemies. We need to deal with and counter those first. We have no time to bash one another, degrade one another or isolate one another. We need to band together – and we need to band together NOW.
    Investigate things for yourselve. Do not rely on others to do it for you.
    Makulita of The Fighting 44s.

  14. I 2nd that motion, Mak!
    I wonder which black member “A private citizen” was? And why is he so bitterly obsessed with Asians to be stalking every Asian site out there to begin with?? Doesn’t the Black community have enough problems of it’s own??? Like 2/3 of their babies being born to single mamas and more BMs in prison than college? Etc etc?
    I think this brutha (or sista) has some of THEIR OWN ISSUES that they’re projecting upon US. If it’s a BM – he’s obsessed with WFs himself – a BF – she’s jealous. I mean, accusing us of being WF-chasers? Mai god – I see half the bruthas out there following candy-wrappers chasing fat WF trash back to their trailers like bloodhounds! Vanessa Williams just finally dumped Rick Fox after seeing a pic of him kissing a platinum blonde in a club in Hawaii! So, do we even need to go here?
    Remember, it’s a psychological axiom that we tend to most vehemently point out our OWN flaws in OTHERS. Also, it’s easy to cast stones when their outmarriage rate is a fraction of ours. When theirs tops 50%-70% – THEN they might have room to talk – but I have a feeling they’d be singin’ a different tune…
    GIMME A BREAK!!! Pot calling kettle Black here – no pun intended.

  15. Interesting…overweight white women? I’m a 5’9″ 120 pound white female and former model who has a thing for Asian men…especially those with long hair. And shockingly I’m now working on my doctorate, so no, I’m not some dumb, misled white womam.

  16. I’m Asian and I’m married to a hot Brunette White woman. I’m 6’4″, 200lbs, 9 inches cut down there. I like breaking stupid media stereotypes. My cousin’s girlfriend is Black, she said the smallest dick she ever had is a White boy who was only 3 inches, Pathetic!!! She even took a picture of his little dinkie secretive with her camera cell phone, it was HILARIOUS! We should post that on the internet and call it the little White hope dick.

  17. In response to “A Private Citizen,”
    The negative reaction you received is because of you mentioning that you were a black male. The issue is that asian men are portrayed as less masculine then most other races. Black men on the other hand are portrayed as being more masculine than than other races. Imagine if you will, a scenario where a physically handicapped person was being told, “I know how you feel, we’re both in the same predicament!” by a professional athlete.

  18. hmmmm… I am an asian male living in America, and I guess I fit in the negative stereotypes about asian males. I’m small in height, 5’4″ and only have a 4.5 incher. I’m 28 now and never dated or had a girlfriend before (not to say i’m ugly or anything). I live in predominately white neighborhood, very few asians around, so I feel uncomfortable going out to bars and shi* since I’m usually the only asian person. Lot of rednecks in my neighborhood. I’m thinking of leaving the US.

  19. Im a white guy who is engaged to an asian girl.. & i hate to say it but asian guys your party is over..Your women just arent settling for you guys they are going after the bigger fish(in more ways than one)
    my fiance has many asian female friends and out of all of them only maybe 1 would even contemplate going out with a asian guy,they all want white men..Sorry but can u blame them..All these stories in here about white girls wanting asian men are clearly written by asian guys who are in denial..
    I for sure as hell dont know any white girl who would wanna date a asian guy..
    Sorry to be harsh..Its the way it is..You guys need to loosen up and maybe all turn to the other side of the fence..

  20. Scotty, I appreciate your perspective and sharing your experience, but no need to be mean with your comments nor paint all Asian men with the same brush.
    Please keep comments on point and civil or I’ll delete your comments or close the thread.
    Thank you to those who have been contributing in a civil manner.

  21. You asian guys arent doing to bad, im from australia and i always see asian guys with heaps of girls .
    Try being a gay italian 20yo man.. Now thats tough
    and just so you know i find asian men very sexy and mysterious they have smooth not to hairy bodies.
    Oops ,Sorry im going of the topic .What i wanted to say is keep your head up.Its all good.
    My number is (02)97991010 if anyone wants to chat..Just ask for maurizio

  22. I checked out site, and I like it. There was a low budget hollywood movie that I watched – “Harold and Kumar go to White Castle,” you might want to mention that in your site too. The lead actors are asian and indian, and they’re not portrayed in stereotypical way. This movie isn’t one of the best comedies, however it may open doors for more asian actors in lead roles. Another low budget movie with lead asian actors is “Better Luck Tommorrow,” which I haven’t seen yet. I’ve heard the movie is very edgy and shocking because most americans are not used to seeing asian actors do serious drama.

  23. Scotty, sound like your party with white women was long gone and you are just bitter. You sound like one of those loser white male who can’t get any decent white female and resorted to an Asian female that want you just because she blindly want to feel “fit in” to this white-mainstream society of America. From what I see here in Westminster, California ( aka Little Saigon), most Asian female/white male couples here are very unattractive in general (Scotty prove me wrong by pose a photo…lol no fake one) Vietnamese give them uninviting look wherever they go…it’s sad, but it’s reality, most Asian families in general don’t want a white or black son-in-law. And I think we all know why…lol. I have never seen any half Viet half white females that were born in the Vietnam War era live here in Westminster married or date white male. I only see these gorgeous women with their Vietnamese men. Whenever I see a Viet male/ white female couples, the females are strikingly beautiful by any standard. The fact is American women recognizes that the majority of Asian American males are smarter, hard worker, more educated, finically superior, and family oriented…made our little friend Scotty bitter, afraid of competition and so this big man went on here and wrote mean things to other so he could feel better lmao. We Asian men are no big fish like you Scotty…we just the New Shark in the water! I am Dave, 23, Viet male from California dated white females and Asian females I wrote base on what I saw in Little Saigon, I’m new to this forum want to say hi to all other members here. The party just begins for me!!! Peace out

  24. Just thought i’d post a little sumthing sumthing (that is intentional). As a moderately attractive Black female that has been married to not ONE but Two Asians males. I must say that it’s not about who’s the most macho or most attractive, be they black, white, jew or gentile. It’s about how you are as a person. If you are attracted to asian than so be it. I for one am and alway have ( Bruce Lee is the reason ). When I was younger and looking for a black male to love they all wanted the “girl around the way type” sorry I was more interested in school and not the big dangle earrings and tight clothes. I have never seemed to attract the bm body, but oooh how I attract every one else. I have dated just about every race , from Japanese – Loas. I have 3 very lovely children and hopefully will have another by a man who is bright, loving , tall (6’5) ,greeneyed and adorable. He’s also from Pakistan and a Christian. So to all who love differently, do worry you are not alone.

  25. Scotty,
    “Im a white guy who is engaged to an asian girl.. & i hate to say it but asian guys your party is over..”
    Well thats quite disturbing that you are going to get married and have kids to an AF, with that kind of attitude, especially if you have a son.
    🙁 I guess you would just let your son put up with a WM saying the same shit to him that you are saying to the AM guys on here.
    “Your women just arent settling for you guys they are going after the bigger fish(in more ways than one)”
    LMAO, well if you are a big fish you must be a whale (need a diet?)lol
    I seriously doubt you are anywhere as attractive or sucessful as an AM and that is why you putting AMs down to make you feel better about being a LOSER!
    “my fiance has many asian female friends and out of all of them only maybe 1 would evencontemplate going out with a asian guy,they all want white
    men..Sorry but can u blame them”
    Your fiance hasn’t married you yet..give her a couple of years of married life with you and then see what she thinks of how good WM are to their women. LOL
    As for her friends, there is a very big chance they have self esteem issues and they don’t feel they are good enough to deserve a nice guy that will treat them right.Isn’t that what allows women to settle and go for guys that treat them like shit in the first place? Also, some have issues with being Asian and then there is the competition against their more attractive looking sisters getting the hot AMs. You don’t need to have a high IQ to know any loser WM that looks their way is going to drool over them. lmao
    “All these stories in here about white girls wanting asian men are clearly written by asian guys who are in denial..”
    Well I’m a WF, so wrong call Sherlock.
    “I for sure as hell dont know any white girl who would wanna date a asian guy..”
    Are you talking about when your experince when you went overseas to buy your mail order bride? Well, money and a visa is attractive and it helps them over look desperate losers that are too fat, old, bald and fugly to attract a WF.
    “Sorry to be harsh..Its the way it is..You guys need toloosen up and maybe all turn to the other side of the fence.. ”
    Yeah, they should turn the fence, so you won’t have to feel as bad about being a loser when compared to an intelligent, sucessful, hot, sensitive, respectful hetro AM that knows how to treat a lady right.
    “since so many white guys are dating asians there should be plenty of overweight white women for you.”
    Sorry to burst your bubble there but there are STILL pleanty of WMs like yourself around unfortunatly. The AFs haven’t managed to save all WFs from your type. I’m not overweight/ugly/dumb and my man is hot hot hot! But I shouldn’t go on about attractive looking people as I don’t want to make you feel too bad about your looks.
    “enjoy the suffering!”
    Well I’m sure you will. Hopefully you get one of the materalistic, ball breaking bitchy types that will kick your ass! While my appreciative honey will enjoy playing with my long blonde hair, breasts , round butt. I will I do my best to please him not only in bed but with foot massages, hot bubble baths, home cooked meals, catering to his every need because he deserves and appreciates it! 🙂 Yeah, my man is really going to enjoy his suffering. 😉
    enjoy the suffering

  26. i am struck by the cruelty and superficiality of comments!evrything is “fat,ugly,loser” or “hot,rich,wonderful”! wm’s who date af’s are ugly losers,or,conversely,only fat ugly wf’s are left for asian! i think if asian chicks dig whiTE guys,and vice versa,there is nothing to be done to stop the course of true love!

  27. Hi
    Asians are monogloids, and mongoloids and negroids have unusual physical features compared to the rest of the world which is largely caucasoid ( anglo, Iranian , Arab , North Indian and some latin ( mixed) ). This is the reason asians and negroes are not considered attractive ( ie. asians have strange eyes, flat surfaced faces and shapeless bodies, and negores have black skin, thick features etc ).
    This also explains why they rarely if ever win any international beauty pageants ( ie Miss universe , miss world etc ). The tendency is to elimnate extremes ( such as very white or very black skin and unusual features such as slanty eyes etc )leading to median physical features such as medium pale/ beige skin, soft features and slim but shapely figures and perhaps explains why Venezuela and India have won the most number of beauty contests

  28. I think asian men are absolutely hot and being a martial artist, I’ve studied alot on the asian culture. I want to meet a sexy asian man and fall in love,
    However, it seems asian men are not attracted to caucasian women, they seem reserved.

  29. Hey, t and Scotty – I guess you guys are proof positive that you can’t be racist and interested in an interracial relationship at the same time, right? In any case, your comments say a hell of a lot more about yourselves than they do about anyone else. It’s obvious that talking shit on the internet is the true measure of a man’s worth. By that standard, the two of you are gods.
    Michael Lee, great site. That’s the sort of positive thing that we need more of. My only gripe is that there seems to be a focus on Asian men and White women, with women of other ethnicites (most notably Asian women) being left out altogether.
    Actually, demon, universal standards of beauty have little to nothing to do with specific features, and have a much greater emphasis on facial symmetry and angle. Preference for particular region-specific features (as well as body type and skin color) is highly subjective, and heavily dependent on local/community standards and perceptions. Basically, you are setting a single, all-encompassing universal standard for beauty. I’m saying that the majority of the world does not share that standard.
    Liyna, most Asian American guys find white women as attractive as anyone else. A lot of us do tend to be quite reserved for too many reasons to list here.

  30. what do you mean ugly? will yun lee is absolutely goregous, as well as jet li, rick yune, john cho and Takeshi Kaneshiro. Never stereotype, as someone said, race comes with its good, bad and ugly.

  31. i have a question. y do a lot of asian girls marry/go out w/ white or black guys, especially flipinos or japanese?

  32. “i have a question. y do a lot of asian girls marry/go out w/ white or black guys, especially flipinos or japanese?”
    Most likely the media is to blame. Some people think it has to do with fashion, and asian men aren’t cool compared to other nationalities, (most Americans already know this). Jackie Chan has been complaining for years about the limited roles asians get in American movies. He feels he’s not allowed to say anything, because he doesn’t control the movie industry in the states and doesn’t want to be an action hero anymore (though at least asians are seen in action movies than not at all). I wish there were more asians in the entertainment industry.

  33. Wanted to respond to demon as well, I agree with Scowl about universal beauty and symmetry. Many blacks and asians have symmetric features too not just “anglo, Iranian , Arab , North Indian and some latin ( mixed).”

  34. Wanted to respond to demon as well. I agree with Scowl about symmetry. Many blacks and asians have symmetric features too not just “anglo, Iranian , Arab , North Indian and some latin ( mixed).”
    Hey Liyna I’m asian, what’s your phone number? Lol, I’m kidding.

  35. visit
    gives you insights on asian men….all the men there are absolutely goregous…

  36. Probably not a good idea to limit yourself in finding a mate just because they are of a particular race. That’s fine you are attracted to handsome asian men, but really you should look for someone that can be your best friend regardless of race.

  37. Also Liyna, probably not a good idea to limit yourself in finding a mate just because they are of a particular race. That’s fine if you are attracted to asian men, but really you should look for someone that can be your best friend regardless of race.

  38. Also Liyna, probably not a good idea to limit yourself in finding a mate just because they are of a particular race. That’s fine you are attracted to asian men, but really you should look for someone that can be your best friend regardless of race.

  39. Ok, to all Asian men…why is it so rare that you will find an Asian man with a black woman?
    I am Jamaican and we have Asians as well as Indians, whites, etc. It’s pretty common there to find a mix of races dating but here in America it’s very rare. I’m wondering why…is black women not attractive enough?