Month: May 2004

traffic jam

Instant karma’s gonna get you… Heh 🙂 (click thumbnail photo for popup)

Sony Cyber-shot english manuals

Self-explanatory AND very handy. SONY Cyber-shot | English Manual Download

Telecom in Japan

This is a nice quick summary of the two big telecom deals that are closing soon here in Tokyo. Ripplewood is selling Japan Telecom to Softbank as Son-san wants to expand from just consumer broadband to also business-broadband, and Japan

Umair on MSFT

Umair of bubblegeneration (which Matt introduced me to) has a great post on Microsoft. Also note that interconnectivity is now table stakes – not added value. I can already transfer my MP3s etc between almost any device I own. MS

Upgrade to Mac Office 2004?

Will Parker, ex-MSFT Mac Office 2004 team, has GREAT comments on Dan’s post on whether to upgrade. It is stuff like this, information that one would never have gotten just a few years ago, that makes weblogs exciting for me