Month: April 2004

Kakyou reviews Librie on Dottocomu

A great review of the Librie, Sony’s new e-book reader, on Dottocomu. dottocomu: First look at the Sony EBR-1000 Librie eBook reader

# pages indexed at google?

Good piece in The Guardian re: google and Linux and that one of google’s strengths is their ability to leverage the Linux platform. The computing engine that powers Google is the largest cluster of Linux servers in the history of

Steve Jobs profile in NY Times

Some notes on the Markoff profile of Jobs in the NY Times. – Apple now has 78 retail stores (and one in Ginza, Tokyo that pissed me off yesterday) – Jobs did not back Newton nor General Magic – Jobs from NYU ITP

I didn’t know until now that (which is a location-based community service based on social networking services) came out of Anthony Townsend’s “Mediated Urban Spaces” class at NYU ITP. How cool is that?!?!

Japan Apple Computer bad experience

So I was one of the early owners of the 15″ Powerbooks here in Japan, and I have the problems with the white spots on the LCD. As long as I have it replaced before my first year of ownership