NEW iTunes 4.5

Wow, just one more reason to love this Mac OS. The next upgrade to iTunes is going to have some great new features:
– a free song every Tuesday
– iMix: publish your playlists
– Music videos
– Radio charts
– a lossless encoder (TOO COOL!)
– importing non-DRM WMA files
I’d love it if they would upgrade the mp3 encoder to something as good as LAME, but I’m really happy about the lossless encoder. That is a great tool for audiophiles who really care about sound quality but still care about HDD space.
iTunes 4.5 to add iMix, videos, trailers, WMA import, more []

2 comments on “NEW iTunes 4.5
  1. shuichi says:

    it is for windows too you know. 🙂 which is nice cause we can share each other’s music at work.

  2. henry says:

    but there’s a dark side to the new iTunes update……
    Apple Rejects The First Dirty iMix