Manzanar museum

I’ve passed by the site of Manzanar on the way to Mammoth from LA. It is a desolately beautiful place. Wind-swept and dry high desert. I hope to visit the new museum sometime soon.

Eiichi Norihiro, 77, of Simi Valley had been imprisoned at Manzanar when he was 15 but was transferred to a camp at Tule Lake in Northern California after being called a troublemaker for refusing to wear a shirt labeled “POW.”
He recalled his parents’ bitter feelings.
“We were a family of eight, and we lost what little we had,” he said. “We went back to Japan after the war, then lost our land there. We lost on both sides of the Pacific.”
Norihiro, a retired accountant, returned Saturday because “I don’t want to forget it, and I don’t want the government to forget it.”

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  1. Fazal Majid says:

    The Library of Congress has an online exhibit of Ansel Adams’ photos of Manzanar: