Dartmouth: responsible investing

Justin Ruben ’95 has a powerful op-ed in The Dartmouth on the topic of responsible investing and the trend for universities to invest via hedge funds, which often obscure their investment vehicles.

As institutional investors who collectively control almost $200 billion of assets, colleges and universities play a major role in the global economy. Students need to come together on the Dartmouth campus and many others to debate how we can reconcile college and university investment strategies with the values at the core of the Academy. But first, we need more disclosure about where our monies are invested, so we can ascertain the facts on which that debate must be based.

I worked with Justin and many others to convince the trustees to divest from their investments in the Hydro-Quebec project my first year. I am glad to see Justin is reminding the Dartmouth community of their responsibilities.
The Dartmouth Online -Responsible Investing – by Justin Ruben