Month: April 2004

NEW iTunes 4.5

Wow, just one more reason to love this Mac OS. The next upgrade to iTunes is going to have some great new features: – a free song every Tuesday – iMix: publish your playlists – Music videos – Radio charts

Dartmouth: responsible investing

Justin Ruben ’95 has a powerful op-ed in The Dartmouth on the topic of responsible investing and the trend for universities to invest via hedge funds, which often obscure their investment vehicles. As institutional investors who collectively control almost $200

Manzanar museum

I’ve passed by the site of Manzanar on the way to Mammoth from LA. It is a desolately beautiful place. Wind-swept and dry high desert. I hope to visit the new museum sometime soon. Eiichi Norihiro, 77, of Simi Valley

photos from Gree night 1.0, one of two major Japanese social networking services ( is the other), had a social event on Sunday. I didn’t attend but here are the photos. GREE NIGHT 1.0

“depachika” or Japanese food halls

Elizabeth Andoh does a nice profile of the “depachika” (“depaato”= department store, “chika” = basement) or the basement-level food halls that are found at most of the major train stations in Tokyo. Even the most optimistic economists concede that Japan’s