William Hung uses EyeToy

Was anyone at the Game Developer’s Conference? How was this keynote by Andrew House?

…the star of the keynote was an unlikely American pop hero — William Hung, who gained fame as a talent-show contestant with limited talent on the TV series “American Idol.”
Hung, who has devoted legions of fans and a record deal, sang and danced to the song “YMCA” with Sony’s EyeToy, a device that connects to the PS2 and translates the player’s motion into on-screen action. He was using “EyeToy: Groove,” an upcoming game for the system.

It was a nice touch to bring William Hung to use the EyeToy. Smart move 🙂
Sony Sees 10-Year Life for PlayStation 2 Console [yahoo.com]

2 comments on “William Hung uses EyeToy
  1. dan says:

    Me, me! I’m at GDC right now, in fact, but I didn’t get to the House keynote. 🙂 I did get to interview Pac-Man creator Toru Iwatani, and Rez producer Tetsuya Mizuguchi though, so I can die happy.

  2. dan says:

    emoticon typo above. That should read “but I didn’t get to the House keynote. 🙁 ”