Sony LIBRIe e-book reader

I won’t comment on this product…
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ソニー、E INK採用の電子書籍端末「LIBRIe」
Don’t forget:
Gemstar eBook devices are no longer for sale.

2 replies on “Sony LIBRIe e-book reader”

That book is so cool!
It’s so genius that it only draws power when turning pages. I mean, that’s excactly what we need with these things. Sony apparently claims 10,000 pages, even with a third of that, I think it will be plenty for my uses.
And they even gave it a proper screen definition.
I’m afraid I’m gonna be one of the first to suffer from any first revision bugs.


Sony e-Book reader LIBRIe Release date: 2004/04/24 Expected price: around JPY 40,000 (approx.USD 380) File format: BBeB(BroadBand eBook) Battery: four AAA batteries Usable media: Memory Stick Related articles: Sony/E Ink e-book reader Sony To Market El…

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