Month: March 2004

Bill collecting in Japan

Tim Clark has a great new piece up on JER about how an American is starting to change how bills are collected in Japan. The short story is that either lawyers or the mafia collect bills in Japan, and the

high-end electronics

The NY Times covers the high end of electronics, speaking with reps from Runco, Bang and Olufsen, Marantz, Faroudja labs, and a few others. Tom Edwards, senior vice president for consumer electronics at Pacific Media Associates, a large-screen display research

Panasonic Toughbooks

If I ever buy another Windows machine with my own money, it will be a Toughbook. I love my Powerbook, and it is much stronger than the older titanium version, but I still consider it a fragile, expensive item. The

Jerry Colonna on Tripod

Jerry Colonna shares with us some of his experiences with selling off Tripod and Geocities. The shame of all of this is that those home page hosting companies never amounted to anything. Madeleines: Boomtime, Part One []

Monex & Nikko Beans

Monex + Nikko Beans = Monex Beans? No comment except to say that they could have chosen a better name. IHT: New online brokerage leader seen for Japan []