Month: March 2004

Clarke – Stahl – 60 Minutes interview

I haven’t seen the tape yet, but this is the transcript of the phenomenal 60 Minutes interview that Leslie Stahl did with Richard Clarke. I wanted to select a few choice quotes for you but there are so many powerful

Sony LIBRIe e-book reader

I won’t comment on this product… dottocomu: Sony/E Ink e-book reader [] Sony To Launch E Ink-based eBook In April [] New E-Book Reader | Metafilter [] ソニー、電子書籍リーダー「リブリエ」と電子書籍レンタルサービス ソニー、新ディスプレイを搭載した電子書籍リーダー「LIBRIe」 ソニー、E INK採用の電子書籍端末「LIBRIe」 Don’t forget: Gemstar eBook devices are no longer for

Doug, Kristine Tompkins: Pumalin Parque

Doug and Kristine Tompkins, conservationists in Chile and Argentina, may expand to Paraguay. I volunteered for Doug back in 1992-3 for 4 months, assessing and documenting land that he was conisdering to purchase. Invertia – Chile park-builder sets sights on

Apple’s retail strategy

Notes on Apple’s retail strategy: – Apple works to make retail stores “community centers” – Hands-off attitude of staff is critical – In-store theaters for instruction and training – 1000/day/store – 15% of Apple’s revenue come from the retail stores

Cutie Honey

Umm… I’d explain it if I knew anything about it other than it is being released here in Japan this summer and that it is a live-action remake of a popular manga/anime. Cutie Honey Ñ«?Ñ…ïÑ…∫Ñ…‹Ñ«£Ñ…∫Ñ…ËÑ…„Ñ…∫