f-ck! start over

Ugh. The pain and agony of ecommerce travel sites… Poor Jeremy wastes an hour on Yahoo! Travelocity.
There is so much more to do to make ecommerce sites more user-friendly if Jeremy has this much trouble with his own company’s site.

64. write pissed off weblog post about horrible on-line travel sites and tell people in charge of yahoo travel
I feel like Bart Simpson when Lisa electrifies the cookie jar.

Travelocity really doesn’t want my money… (Jeremy Zawodny’s blog) [zawodny.com]

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  1. “Did I mis-type my Credit Card number three times in a row?”
    Man-o-man do I know the pain. The online databases are sooooo “brittle”: if I enter “11 Poontang Dr.” rather than “11 Poontang Driver” most will claim my Credit Card is invalid. Sheesh.
    Oh, and just try to use a Japanese AMEX or VISA card: those are automatical rejected by US sites.