Dartmouth, WiFi, WLAN

Back when I went to school, we didnt have no wireless lan, no Windows PCs, no Ethernet, no web browsers. We used gopher and we liked it, dammit!
Kids these days…don’t remember the days before the Intarweb…when we had to write papers by hand! with quills! on paper we made in our sinks! (ok, not really true, but sounds good, eh?)

Dartmouth College over the next 18 months plans to expand its campuswide wireless LAN to serve as the primary backbone for providing students, faculty members and administrative workers with data, telephony and video services.
That will require the school’s IT staff to triple the number of wireless access points installed on the Hanover, N.H., campus to about 1,500 devices, said Brad Noblet, director of technical services at Dartmouth. The most affordable way to do so, he added, is by using inexpensive access points that are managed by a central switch.

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