Catek Freeride Pro

The ultimate snowboard binding… very, very cool!
Catek Snowboard Bindings: Freeride Pro


off to San Diego

I’ll be back in Tokyo at the end of the week.
Please water my plants.
Thank you.


f-ck! start over

Ugh. The pain and agony of ecommerce travel sites… Poor Jeremy wastes an hour on Yahoo! Travelocity.
There is so much more to do to make ecommerce sites more user-friendly if Jeremy has this much trouble with his own company’s site.

64. write pissed off weblog post about horrible on-line travel sites and tell people in charge of yahoo travel
I feel like Bart Simpson when Lisa electrifies the cookie jar.

Travelocity really doesn’t want my money… (Jeremy Zawodny’s blog) []


Yahoo! to purchase Kelkoo

Who’s next… I forget, who owns again?
Presseportal – YAHOO! TO ACQUIRE KELKOO []


William Hung uses EyeToy

Was anyone at the Game Developer’s Conference? How was this keynote by Andrew House?

…the star of the keynote was an unlikely American pop hero — William Hung, who gained fame as a talent-show contestant with limited talent on the TV series “American Idol.”
Hung, who has devoted legions of fans and a record deal, sang and danced to the song “YMCA” with Sony’s EyeToy, a device that connects to the PS2 and translates the player’s motion into on-screen action. He was using “EyeToy: Groove,” an upcoming game for the system.

It was a nice touch to bring William Hung to use the EyeToy. Smart move 🙂
Sony Sees 10-Year Life for PlayStation 2 Console []