Month: February 2004

Ariel’s engagement FAQ

Heh. Where will you go for the honeymoon? Current pipedream: our beloved Bandol, France, to work the vendanges at our friend’s winery! Who wants a honeymoon where you lay around and have sex? We’ve done that for six years! Give

DDR contest at Tribeca Grand

Whoa. Dance Dance Revolution at the Tribeca Grand? Surreal! I wish I could go! NEW YORK – TOKYO and JELLYBEAN RECORDINGS cordially invite you to come chill with us at the AnimeToonz 2 CD Release Party this Thursday, February 26th!

Allied Occupation Photography (1948-51)

Wow. Doing Photography and Social Research in the Allied Occupation of Japan, 1948-1951: A Personal and Professional Memoir by John W. Bennett Photographs taken by anthropologist John W. Bennett in occupied Japan, 1948-1951, (a few were made in the 1960’s

Pover on Japanese men

Hilarious article title 🙂 I think one reason that Japanese men don’t pickup on the few Western women who are in Japan is that the standard of beauty for the majority of Japanese men is Japanese women, not white women.

Lost In Translation?

I still have not seen this movie, after having missed two opportunities to see it here in Tokyo on DVD. ‘Lost in Translation’ insults Japanese []