Medal of Honor in Japan?

A good roundup of an older story. Dan Tochen runs and is an acquaintance of mine.

As it turns out, they [the Japanese gamers] love it. Japanese reviewers gave Medal of Honor: Rising Sun a thumbs-up, praising the “extremely intense” action. Electronic Arts affirms that the game is selling well in Japan. (Some American reviewers weren’t as kind when it came out stateside. Gamespot called the controls “clumsy.”) But the Japanese critics never mentioned the elephant that was trumpeting in the living room. “Basically, they all reviewed it without ever really mentioning the fact that it was, you know, Pearl Harbor,” says Dan Tochen, an American game journalist who was in Tokyo during the launch. As the online comic strip Penny Arcade joked, “I don’t see what’s so odd about it. The people of modern Japan are simply taking on the role of foreign soldiers, killing their fathers and grandfathers in a grisly pantomime of history’s greatest tragedy.”

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