Lost in Translation in Japan

I was assuming that “Lost In Translation” wouldn’t be much of a draw for Japanese audiences. Looks like the distributor agrees with me.

Japanese distributor Tohokushinsha Co. said “Lost In Translation” is opening so late because it’s not typical Hollywood fare. Big-budget films tend to debut in Japan within weeks of their U.S. premiere at major cineplexes, while smaller ones stay at obscure theaters.
Even with all the publicity, Tohokushinsha is playing it safe. The movie will open at one Tokyo theater with seating for about 300, and so far the only advertisement is a Web site with a trailer and a brief plot introduction, company spokesman Yosuke Watanabe said.

Japan abuzz with ‘Translation’ reviews [mlive.com]

3 Comments on “Lost in Translation in Japan

  1. It isn’t in the US either. i went to watch it this Tuesday while on a business trip in Atlanta. There were 5 people in the room.
    The movie isn’t terribly bad, but it is self-indulgent and not deserving of all the fuss made about it. Nepotism is alive and kicking in Hollywood, even though, according to all the hOllywood insiders I have spoken to, Francis Ford Coppola is notorious for swindiling his business partners.

  2. Hmm…I don’t know. I saw the movie in Seattle on a Friday night and the theater was about 1/3 capacity: a decent crowd given that the movie has been out here for a couple months.
    A slow Tuesday night doesn’t necessarily mean the movie’s not popular. I wonder about the audience for a film like that in Atlanta…
    Anyway, I enjoyed the movie, and didn’t even think of the racist connotations that people are bringing up. Though I admit that first shower scene was a cheap shot.
    It may not be the greatest movie ever, but think about how bad most of the competition is these days. Small character-driven films like this are few and far between – that’s probably part of what people are reacting to.

  3. well it’s depends where in state you see.. i saw this movie in NY, and the theatre was packed.