danah boyd on orkut

Social network researcher/academic, Danah Boyd, has a number of important points to consider surrounding Orkut.com, Google’s new social network tool. Please read her comments before signing up (that is if you get an invite!)
I, for one, will sit this one out. I’m in Ryze, Tribe.net, Friendster and LinkedIn. I really only use Friendster and LinkedIn. I can’t see myself using Orkut unless they change their Terms of Service significantly.
Google- this is not a good example of “not being evil”.
apophenia: venting my contempt for orkut

3 Comments on “danah boyd on orkut

  1. Kottke’s jab the other day at all the social networking sites reminded me of sixdegrees.com, a site that collapsed several years ago (that’s the first time I’ve written “several years ago” in reference to the Internet). I plugged in the address just to see and sure enough they have a “We will be relaunching soon” splash screen up.

  2. I am not sure I understand the social networking thing either… I have let several invitations and things pass by, I think the only one I’m still in is LinkedIn (and it’s not like I’ve really used it…my list there is pretty pathetic and only consists of a few ppl I’ve actually met in person.) I don’t know, maybe I’m old fashioned..I prefer to network by, like, getting to know people by talking to them.

  3. It would be fun to join if you have time, but make sure you don’t give ourt critical info about yourself.