Month: February 2004

SpamBayes for Mac

In my unending quest to kill spam… macosxhints – Easily install the SpamBayes proxy server

Medal of Honor in Japan?

A good roundup of an older story. Dan Tochen runs and is an acquaintance of mine. As it turns out, they [the Japanese gamers] love it. Japanese reviewers gave Medal of Honor: Rising Sun a thumbs-up, praising the “extremely

Chris Allen on security

Chris Allen, someone I have never met, but know via Jerry Michalski, has written a very intriguing and informed “state of the security business” that is worth your attention if you do anything with ecommerce or privacy. I hope to

Lost in Translation in Japan

I was assuming that “Lost In Translation” wouldn’t be much of a draw for Japanese audiences. Looks like the distributor agrees with me. Japanese distributor Tohokushinsha Co. said “Lost In Translation” is opening so late because it’s not typical Hollywood

Whitehouse hosts Waltrip has uncovered the most inane use of our website. This month, the “Ask the White House” website features an interview with NASCAR driver Michael Waltrip. How an interview with him has anything to do with running our country