Month: January 2004

WebMagician’s RSS Search

Masayoshi Yasuda has made a cool web app where you can search various blog aggregator sites all from one page. Webmagician’s Secret Room: Release Note: RSSSearch v.0.5 – Technorati now supported

portraits of the Taliban

Very eerie portrait photos of Taliban fighters. The ones with the Swiss chalet backgrounds are particularly disturbing somehow. Considering Taliban interpretation of Islamic rules, photography or any depiction of living beings (mammals) was illegal. But when passport photography was reallowed

Ikea as text game

[Defective Yeti] x [The Morning News] = Hilarity 🙂 The Morning News – The Non-Expert: IKEA

Investors skeptical of Sony’s strategy

No comment. IHT: Around Asia’s Markets: Investors skeptical of Sony’s strategy

Sony PSX patches coming

Good news for PSX owners. Sony patching PSX – News at GameSpot