2 Comments on “Nikon D70!

  1. It has the D100’s sensor (made by Sony, by the way). We can reasonably guess its image quality will be similar to the D100, just as the Digital Rebel’s is much the same as the 10D. I own a 10D, and I bought my father a D100. The 10D has about 1 extra stop of sensitivity, i.e. the image quality of the Canon 10D at ISO 800 is similar to the D100 at ISO 400.
    For a direct comparison, this gallery was taken with the Nikon D100 at ISO 400:
    and this one (page 25 and after) with the 10D at ISO 800:
    Ergonomics are a matter of personal taste, so I won’t comment, although I suspect the D70’s will be better than the Rebel’s, just as the N75 is more ergonomic than the Rebel Ti. On the other hand, I much prefer the 10D to the Nikon (better RAW mode, shooting priority, easier menu system).
    Unless you have a significant investment in Nikon AF glass (the D70 is unlikely to meter with AI-S lenses), the Rebel is probably a better buy overall.

  2. Fazal, thanks very much for your links and thoughts. It’s incredible to think that a 6MP D-SLR can drop in price by 50% in a little over a year!
    One thing that has always stayed my credit card is that the price/performance seems to be changing so much. It wasnt until 2003 that I felt comfortable buying a 4MP point-n-shoot. Maybe 2004 is the year I will invest in a D-SLR.
    In terms of my AF Nikkor glass, I have a few items including the 105mm f2.8 Macro, the 85mm f1.8, and an older 80-200 f2.8 (not AFS.) So it does make sense for me to stay in the Nikon family. But the size of the CCD is such that most folks are going to need new razor blades (or in this case expensive Nikkor glass) all over again!