iBook logic board

Apple lost a lot of satisfied customers over this issue by: a) not admitting the problem early enough, b) not taking care of the early defects properly.
Apple – Support – iBook – Logic Board Repair Extension Program – FAQ

4 comments on “iBook logic board
  1. olivier says:

    Been there done that. But I did not know it was a frequent problem. I guess I was lucky enough to have this issue during the warranty period, and remained a happy customer…

  2. andrew says:

    seems like they have had this problem with their other products…
    -iPod battery… (www.ipodbatteryfaq.com)
    -MDD G4 noise… (www.g4noise.com)
    and BOTH cases above as well: they never admitted to customers complaining and actually INSULTED them by saying either: buy a new one (iPod) or ebay it and buy a new one (MDD G4)… and during that time they were marketting the G4 noise as: it’s supposed to be that loud…
    i guess in the old days when apple customers had “cult-ish” tendencies, they would have done exactly that… but their “switcher” customers seem to like making whole sites to complain… 🙂
    no problems with your PB gen? 🙂

  3. Ted Mishima says:

    Hey thanks for the lookout. I was a bit concerned after reading the forums after I got mine. Since I didn’t get Apple Care, this really makes me feel better.

  4. anthony townsend says:

    they were SOOOO close to losing me over this. its still not clear what portion of the $300 repair they will refund, or how much it will cost when it inevitably fails again (as many have reported)