Month: January 2004

Toni Colette, Japanese Story

Lukewarm review of “Japanese Story.” I can’t picture Toni Colette, although I am sure I have seen her work. / Actress shines in clash-of-cultures ‘Story’

Alternate E-Tech schedule

Only funny to geeks but I was practically crying with laughter. Alternate O’Reilly Emerging Technology Schedule Talks include: – Tim Tim Tim Tim. Look at me, I’m Tim. – Socially Mobile Interesting Apps You’ll Immediately Forget – Alternative Models of

Ristorante Beccaccia

Ristorante Beccaccia 2-6-15 Aoyama, Minato-ku Tokyo, 107-0062, Japan 03-5775-5203 Yahoo! Maps  ˘±â?®»…? ?ÿ¬Â?¬ÁÛ»˘Ì¬±±‘∫Ìâ?≈¡ı∆Ñ≈∆¬ÎÆÀÊ?¬˙?¬ı?

iBook logic board

Apple lost a lot of satisfied customers over this issue by: a) not admitting the problem early enough, b) not taking care of the early defects properly. Apple – Support – iBook – Logic Board Repair Extension Program – FAQ

Sony Profits Fell 26% in 4Q03

This is actually good news. Although there is still a LOT to do, perhaps the worst is over? Sony Says Profits Fell 26 Percent in Last Quarter of 2003