Profile of Wayne Correia

Interesting profile of programmer/entrepreneur/film-maker Wayne Correia, who has worked at Apple, founded Critical Path, and now is promoting a movie on Burning Man he made. I get the feeling that this guy will never ever settle down, which is fine for him. I think others would want to have more firm roots somewhere.
While I am currently in Tokyo, my roots will always be in New York City, Murray Hill to be exact.
Living Low in Luxury / Former Web entrepreneur remakes himself again, with a bus

2 comments on “Profile of Wayne Correia
  1. Alan says:

    What a boring statement of your life. And who cares about Wayne; true friends, family, and love is always good…. and the people who make alliances to locations (NYC, Burning Man Bus) kinda lame – take care of people, help people, don’t be a self promoter of “stuff” – be a promoter of life and love to others not just oneself… can you say selfish?
    Lastly, I do think it’s commendable about Wayne, from a small apt with a bunch of cats to partying his way into Critical Path to bailing out with $$ early and luckily by not his choice – I only hope he remembers the poor friends he had – but they never do. Hey, at least one of us made it… cheers and best of luck to Wayne.. and he should make her an honest women!

  2. Sean says:

    Wayne’s good to his friends and good to his family as far as I can see… If anything the guy’s got a big heart and is a little naive about the world. hardly makes him selfish. Sounds like Alan’s mostly jealous.