Month: November 2003

John Patrick on Weblogs

eWeek has a nice interview with IBM ex-CIO John Patrick on the subject of weblogs. This is a man who understands the application of web technologies to create efficiencies and new communication within companies. That’s exciting stuff…hard to do…but exciting

dotmusic: Yasushi Ide

DJ Yasushi Ide’s current favorite tracks are very similar to mine… Little ‘Louie’ Vega – ‘Elements of life’ Cesaria Evora – ‘Sangue De Beirona’ Q-Burns Abstract Message – ‘This Time’ Chieko Kinbra – ‘A Espera’ Osunlade – ‘Cantos A Ochun

AdAge Global Marketing Report

AdAge has released their 2003 Global Marketing Report. Sony is #10 in advertising spending worldwide, but only appears in the top 10 advertisers of 4 nations: Canada, New Zealand, Thailand and Ireland. Sony and subsidiary companies also employ at least

Pew Internet Report on Tech Elites

Amazing, free report from non-profit Pew Internet on the tech elites in the US. If you are selling or marketing to technology users in the US, this may be very valuable. Consumption of Information Goods and Services in the United

Lynn Fox vs. FC Kahuna

Amazing music video of the FC Kahuna track “Hayling” done by UK artists Lynn Fox featuring an all-digital video of an undersea world. Don’t miss it! Hayling FLASH via Boing Boing