Month: November 2003

“Moji is an helper for Japanese language learners. It has been successfully tested on Linux, MacOSX and MS Windows. ” Holy moly! This is cool! – moji: installation

This one was so egregious, I had to post it. AT&T modified their Siebel Systems CRM software 3 weeks ago and they still cannot fix a problem that does not allow customers to sign up for a new service. I …

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I’m not sure if I can be there on Sunday but I will be going soon because my new 15″ Powerbook has the dreaded white spots on the LCD that so many people are complaining about. That and is …

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Joshua Schacter, brilliant programmer and visionary, has developed another awesome tool for us alongside Memepool, GeoURL and his other services and mailing lists. is a url categorizing and listing service like Joshua has at Muxway. Maybe it will be … Read More »

Microsoft Research sponsored location-based photo database. World-Wide Media eXchange: WWMX