Month: November 2003

Moji for Mozilla Firebird

“Moji is an helper for Japanese language learners. It has been successfully tested on Linux, MacOSX and MS Windows. ” Holy moly! This is cool! – moji: installation

Perfect storm: AT&T and Siebel

This one was so egregious, I had to post it. AT&T modified their Siebel Systems CRM software 3 weeks ago and they still cannot fix a problem that does not allow customers to sign up for a new service. I

Apple Store Ginza!

I’m not sure if I can be there on Sunday but I will be going soon because my new 15″ Powerbook has the dreaded white spots on the LCD that so many people are complaining about. That and is

Joshua Schacter, brilliant programmer and visionary, has developed another awesome tool for us alongside Memepool, GeoURL and his other services and mailing lists. is a url categorizing and listing service like Joshua has at Muxway. Maybe it will be

World-Wide Media eXchange

Microsoft Research sponsored location-based photo database. World-Wide Media eXchange: WWMX