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The New York Times has an interesting piece on Mu Zimei, a 25 year-old woman in Guangzhou who wrote a sex column that was so popular that the Chinese goverment had to shut it down. The Chinese goverment can try to effect change by banning writers such as her but there’s no putting the genie back in the bottle if Sex In the City DVDs are as popular as the article claims. I’m sure having her book banned will make it MORE popular than if it was not banned in the first place. Just make it a PDF and host it not on a Chinese webserver…

Her biweekly column in City Pictorial began in January. Her topics included recommendations on the best music for good lovemaking, the aphrodisiacal benefits of eating oysters and technical pointers on making love in a car. It was racy stuff for China, but hardly without precedent.
What changed everything was her decision in April to start her own online blog at a new Chinese site for personal diaries. She said she thought it would be fun.
While writing her magazine column, she had hopped from man to man, sometimes hopping to two men at once, sometimes hopping to married men. Her topics, though, remained more thematic than explicit.

Internet Sex Column Thrills, and Inflames, China

2 comments on “China sex blog
  1. fagor says:

    i’ve seen her column long long ago, frankly, i don’t like her life style. I do however thinK that it will make it more popular now that they shut her down…”there’s no putting the genie back in the bottle”

  2. John says:

    Typical freaking chinese, I think its really sad how bad they supress their people, and try and save face to the rest of the world.