Can Google Grow Up?

Forbes has an interesting piece on Google’s successes and how it has affected the working of the company.
Can Google Grow Up?
More interesting though are comments from Sergey Brin’s professor from UMD, Bill Pugh, who has done consulting for Google.
He says:

“The Forbes article is right that Google is very selective in their hiring, and puts a premium on intelligence over experience. However, the claim that you need a degree from a top-10 university is bogus. Actually, one thing that helps a lot is a graduate degree. I believe the current situation is that they have more people on the engineering staff with PhDs than with BS degrees (and more people with Masters degrees than either).
One of the interesting things about the Google engineering team is the number of people who had previously done research in topics such as compiler optimization than have no relation to Google’s business. They just hire smart people.”