Apple iPod

Fascinating and long article in the NY Times about the design of the iPod.
There are a few things holding me back from buying an iPod, but with the purchase of my new Powerbook, I am losing my resistance.
1) I want my remote control to have a screen
My Sony CD walkman allows me to see what song I am playing and make other adjustments to the sound quality, as well as where the volume is on the scale of 1-10. The iPod remote is pretty lame in comparison.
2) I don’t want to step down in sound quality.
Right now I listen to CD quality sound and I dont want to convert to MP3 or AAC or any other compressed format. I like CD quality and I dont want less than that. That means the iPod holds only a few hundred songs for me, not 10,000.
Yeah it sucks having to change out CDs but I think I will wait for the next gen iPod to see what they are planning.
The Guts of a New Machine – Apple iPod

2 comments on “Apple iPod
  1. josh says:

    I wouldn’t worry about listening to AAC, although a compressed format, it is very transparent. Unlike MP3 there is little loss in quality.

  2. Christiana says:

    I find the iPod is pretty convenient actually, the sound is definitely as good as that of a CD. The iPod is compact, shock resistant and powerful! Apple really out did themselves.