Month: November 2003

Apple Store Tokyo OPENS!!

The reports are trickling in and my friends are telling me that the line for the Apple Ginza Store opening are UNREAL. Over 15 minutes walking from the front of the line to the back of the line. Well over

China sex blog

The New York Times has an interesting piece on Mu Zimei, a 25 year-old woman in Guangzhou who wrote a sex column that was so popular that the Chinese goverment had to shut it down. The Chinese goverment can try

Apple iPod

Fascinating and long article in the NY Times about the design of the iPod. There are a few things holding me back from buying an iPod, but with the purchase of my new Powerbook, I am losing my resistance. 1)

Profile of Wayne Correia

Interesting profile of programmer/entrepreneur/film-maker Wayne Correia, who has worked at Apple, founded Critical Path, and now is promoting a movie on Burning Man he made. I get the feeling that this guy will never ever settle down, which is fine

Can Google Grow Up?

Forbes has an interesting piece on Google’s successes and how it has affected the working of the company. Can Google Grow Up? More interesting though are comments from Sergey Brin’s professor from UMD, Bill Pugh, who has done consulting