Month: October 2003

Cool Japan symposium

Nihon Keizai Shimbum-Sha is hosting a symposium on “Cool Japan: Japan’s cultural power.” Here is the article that kicked off the thinking about expanding Japan’s cultural powers globally: Foreign Policy — Japan’s Gross National Cool, By Douglas McGray Sadly, I

Listen to your soldiers

The New York Times has two really powerful letters to the editors by veterans of WWII and Vietnam. Both are deeply disturbed by the news from the wars we are waging and the spin coming out of the Bush White


A community for people of dual Asian and Caucasian backgrounds. EurasianNation – A community for Hapas, Amerasians, Eurasians, and more

Drop the formality

Decent article by Onishi-san about the lessening relevance of “keigo” or the honorifics used in Japanese society. I think this is a very important trend to support and pursue. Addressing someone differently only because of age or position is an

Your own SMTP server in your Mac

Macintosh 10.3, Panther, comes with a new SMTP server for sending emails. This is really handy because it is getting harder and harder to find reliable SMTP servers that have not been taken over by spammers. Postfix Enabler