Month: September 2003

Irshad Manji

Admirable. Interesting. Can she really create real reform in Islam? Penned as an open letter to citizens worldwide, the 34-year-old author and broadcaster, who was named a “feminist for the 21st century” by Ms. Magazine, tackles three issues she describes

Fun fonts

A bunch of fun fonts. Some free, some shareware. My favorites so far are BUNNY and YAGO and BREAKSTYLE. FONTS DOWNLOAD via Stuart Woodward

WSJ loves Typepad

Go 6A! The best service we tried was TypePad. We used the $14.95-a-month “Pro” version but recommend the simpler “Plus” version, which is only $8.95 a month; all you lose are some bells and whistles that a basic user probably

Idiots, all of them

NY Times – China Angered Over Reported Japanese Orgy

Cable vs DSL broadband

Decent IBD piece on how cable and DSL broadband in the US will differ on speed and pricing. The cable companies are keeping their rates but are raising speeds, while the DSL companies, who often cannot raise the speed of