Month: August 2003

On Sophia Coppola

I never did see “The Virgin Suicides” but I do love Air, the band who did the soundtrack. Very nice profile of Coppola, who’s directing this new movie “Lost in Translation.” Initially, with ”Lost in Translation,” Sofia wrote a kind

737 vs. severe hailstorm

CRAZY SCARY photos! Give that pilot a raise! EasyJet vs. hailstorm

Sony NSP-100 Network A/V Storage

J.D. Biersdorfer has a nice piece in the NY Times on how a college in Chicago with a distributed campus is using a Sony NSP-100 network A/V storage device to move TV data around the various campus buildings. I’ve never

Howard, Anthony, Mac Fans

Today was busy but invigorating. I went to go hear Howard Rheingold (author of Smartmobs, both the book and the weblog) and Anthony Townsend (of NYU and NYC Wireless) speak at a GLOCOM event which was arranged by Izumi Aizu

Greg Elin on shuttle failure

Greg Elin has a sad but resonant post on this catastrophe that was the Shuttle. I hope he doesn’t mind if I quote him in full: Listening to news last night and this morning regarding the recently released report on