Month: July 2003

Sony and CollabNet

Business Wire: Sony Platform Technology Center Chooses CollabNet SourceCast Environment for Its Software Quality Assurance Department No comment 😉

Amazon Web Services via RSS

Dave Winer points us to the fact that Amazon has now begun to offer some of the functionality that they have with Amazon Web Services via RSS. This is an interesting step…I need to study this further. Technology at Harvard

Privacy, Economics, and Price Discrimination

Andrew Odlyzko’s (University of Minnesota) new paper “Privacy, Economics, and Price Discrimination on the Internet” (PDF) considers “the main questions in communications, namely how open or closed networks should be, should the end-to-end principle prevail, etc., they are really questions

Japan’s Neglected Resource: Female Workers

Howard French’s third article in a series on the possibility of change in Japan covers the role of women. The scariest aspect of the whole article is the graph that shows how inequal the gender gap is here in Japan.

backchannel communications

Lisa Guernsey of the NY Times does a timely article on how wireless networking and instant communication apps are changing how people are learning and teaching, both in the classroom and at conferences. Liz Lawley responds at the Social Software